Organising the first dives of the season

Advice to diving pros

At some point, UK diving will open up properly again, but there are things you need to prepare before then, and you should start on some of them now.
  1. Ensure you and your staff follow the personal preparation steps outlined on the BDSG website.
  2. Conduct a risk assessment, allowing for the fact that divers may have had a long layoff since their last dive
  3. Use the 2020 Medical for screening divers undergoing training/supervision (replaced the previous RSTC Medical). The 2020 Medical questions will detect clients who may have contracted COVID-19. In case doctor appointments may be necessary, try to do this well in advance.
  4. In case you or your staff need to renew your HSE Medicals, allow plenty of time to arrange this.
  5. Check your insurance is valid and your teaching status is valid; read any training advice issued by your training agency since you last ran a course.
  6. Ensure your Emergency Action Plans are up to date.
  7. Check your staff’s first aid training certifications are still valid.
  8. Check your oxygen kit is usable and the personnel trained to operate it are current.
  9. Consider arranging a training or refresher session for your staff before you arrange the first dive with clients.
  10. Be conservative in your initial water sessions; don’t try to do too much.
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